Sales Force Automation

  • Posted February 21, 2022

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  • Sanjeev Gupta


Why does CLG use sales force automation?
The sales process is full of repetitive, administrative tasks, from data entry to task management. Sales force automation software automates many of these administrative duties so sellers can spend more time working with customers.

Sales force automation makes the sales process more efficient—helping CLG sell more and sell more quickly.

Effective sales force automation systems do the following:

Increase sales efficiency.
With SFA tools, CLG spends more time on the tasks that matter—such as calling prospects and setting up meetings—and less time performing manual data entry.

Increase productivity:
Today’s sales force automation tools give CLG a single, customizable view of accounts, opportunities, leads, and contacts that we can browse with powerful search capabilities.

Provide smarter reporting and planning.
When systems are easy to use, CLG benefit from better data and more actionable insights about performance. Powerful business intelligence is leveraged to build a deeper understanding of pipelines, opportunities, and critical sales metrics.